asbl is a bunch of Deejays, Producers, Live Performers and Remixers having one thing in.
We don’t care about money or prestige – we just wanna play it loud. If you have skills, the rest comes from itself anyways.
Thats why lots of ppl said „no money? just music? these guys are a bunch of mad freaks“ … and so… we got our Pseudonyme.
We don’t play on wedding parties or 80’s fiestas, we won’t be seen mixin’ on events except we can mess up with electronic beats.
We don’t make music as a business – it’s our passion, nothing more…and nothing less.
We’re nobody’s rival – even if some think so.
We love music; same as others do. So where’s the difference ?
Everyone who makes electronic music (producing, remixing, singing, playing an instrument, deejayin’) can be a MadfreaK
BUT there is one important rule…. we don’t try to be better, more stylish or more prestigeous than others. We just do our thing, regardless what others do.
We don’t talk about challenges or contests – it’s all about electronic music.
No challenges, no rivalism. Together we can take over the world but against each other, we’ve already lost.